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Watch Patented SEMA Award-winning DROPTAIL Remote Control Power Tailgate with fuel-saving dynamic spoiler mode, improve aerodynamics, and mileage, and free up horsepower for passing power.

Streamers illustrate airstream behavior as the tailgate opens into a spoiler position, then closes, at speed. Images suggest a constrained airstream inside the bed with streamers pushed down onto the bed floor when the gate closed, and a release of airstream out the rear of the bed & vehicle with a partial opening of the gate.

The computer automatically deploys the tailgate into a spoiler position at highway drag-inducing speeds, for best aerodynamics improving mileage, and then closes it as the vehicle comes to a stop. The system may also improve trap speed and ET in the 1/4 mile. Stability can be improved in the spoiler mode through a downward force applied to the rear axle on slippery roads at speed.