Easy Installation

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Power Tailgate assist for pickup truck liftgate.
Patented SEMA Award-winning Droptail with remote control convenience for bed access, 5th wheel towing hookup, auto-mode for mileage & stability, backup visibility, and COOL factor.

Tools required
Drill motor & 1/4″ bit
5mm Allen wrench
8 & 10mm wrench
screwdriver & tape measure

  1. Secure Control Module in any dry & clean location nearest actuator (like the rear of a cab or enclosed bed). Connect the red and black harness leads to a fused constant (5A) battery source.

  2. Accurately place tailgate bracket h= 6″ (Ford 5.5″) up the driver’s inside face of the closed tailgate, 1/8″ clear from the bedside wall. Mark & drill (4) 1/4″ holes. Hold u-screw by a nut & feed down 1 hole, then up another.

  3. Feed blue and green harness lead into loom provided. Run loom over to the actuator and plug it in. Extend the actuator rod out by pushing button #1. Verify by unscrewing the rod counterclockwise by hand.

  4. Open tailgate and pin actuator rod to gate bracket. Swing actuator up and align attached upper rail bracket flush with the top of bed rail. Mark, then drill (3) 1/4″ mounting holes.

  5. Through bolt rail bracket, rail lip, and under rail braces.

  6. Adjust diagonal braces flush to bed wall and secure with self-tapping screws.

  7. Adjust latch rods outward at the handle (under the access panel or bezel), to the unlock position, so the gate will not lock when closed. Test & replace.

  8. The optional automatic spoiler mode feature requires the white harness lead connection to the vehicle speed sensor at PCM; and a tailgate pivot hinge clamp.

Push button #1 momentarily to open, and button #2 to close.
Pushing any button stops movement, then beeps (2) times.

Brown & pink wires are for optional momentary contact SPDT switch.