James, everything works like magic. Lo and Behold— the tailgate comes down and then back up. This is such a fantastically good piece of equipment I would be lost without it given a 70+ lb tailgate and additionally it virtually guarantees the security of the Avalanche cargo bay. I need this unit, strange as it may sound, more than you need to sell them.
– Alan

The droptail works great. I was wondering how tight the tailgate would close, and it’s just about as perfect as it could get.
– William (’03 SVT Lightning)

James, As you know I use a wheelchair lift in my truck. I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated your product over the past 2 1/2 years and it has operated without fail.
– Regards, Bill

I got it. I got it. Thanks, James you have been very helpful and I love your product. Hopefully, I will get many years of service using its 5th wheel towing.
– Thanks Again Bruce (’03 Ram HD 5th wheel)

I have a 2004 Avalanche. I received your power tailgate system Droptail on Thursday and installed it during the weekend. It works well and is so cool, I love it, Thank you very much for your time in answering my questions, and for getting back to me, great customer service!!!!! I am very happy with the system, and you are a great person!!
– Steve, MA 2004 Avalanche

I do have the built-in step, I use the truck for towing a 5th wheel and the droptail allows me to hook up without having to get out to lower and raise the tailgate. Thank you for your help. The unit had been working fine.
– Bill, CA 2008 F250 SD

The physical actuator fits perfectly on the inside wall of the truck bed. Once club members understood that the AVA tailgate and side wall of the cargo bay doesn’t pull apart from the use of the droptail, there is no question of the unit’s viability and need.
– Take care…. Alan, CT 2004 Avalanche

I received today’s Droptail, About the kit wao! for me is impress because I never imaginate the complete hardwear. I’m happy with my Droptail muy bueno, good!
– Your Friend Wilfredo, Puerto Rico, 2001 SVT Lightning

Thanks again Jim for the very professional-looking install. I already had my first “looky-lew” on Sunday at Costco, just as I knew I would. He just stared at the tailgate as it came down while I was walking over with a cart full of stuff.
– Cal, Sacrmento 2004 Avalanche

I’ve attached some pics from Bloomsburg PA show of the Droptail on the Truck won Best GM and Best Plating and Polishing (we polished the Droptail actuator). We have the Carlisle ALL Truck Nationals in PA in two weeks that will be another 1000 mile plus round trip. Thanks again and i will try and have the video here to you soon. Is there anyway you can get me a few stickers and some brochures + business cards to me? I had people ask me a lot of questions about it and inquires.
– Thanks, Brian, Chevy Monster Show Truck

I need to install a drop tail system on my 2005 Dodge SRT 10 Quad Cab – currently fitted with OEM Tail Spoiler but no Tonneau cover. I am based in Scotland, United Kingdom –
– Robin, UK 2005 Ram SRT10

I have a 2005 Avalanche. I really like it, but I am annoyed by the fact that the tailgate lock is manual. OK, so your device will give me a power tailgate and it locks? Tell me how to order this. Why don’t I just bring the truck down there and you put it in? I’m ready to do this. I’ll be in the LA area this weekend. Any possibility of scheduling an install? Thanks,
– Rick San Francisco 2005 Avalanche

I just want to let you know that I received your Droptail kit the same week I ordered it from you and since then I made some custom brackets that were attached to the factory rails and installed the kit all on the same day. I’m so impressed with how great your product works and its design of it that when I operate it for some of my friends you can see that they are tickled and amazed by the expression on their faces. Thanks again for your expertise and the great service.
– Ernest, Hawaii 2000 Ford Ranger

Hey Jim- “I really really like having this device on my truck, it especially makes it easy to backup my boat and trailer without having to get out of the truck and open the liftgate. Thank you for your time”. Thanks for the prompt response & thanks again for the excellent customer service- You Rock!!!
– Sincerely, Kevin, 2004 Toyota Tacoma

SUCCESS!!! Thanks again for coming through! I can’t ask for better service than that! Gate operates perfect with the engine on, or engine off! You are the MAN!
– Regards, Mark, AZ, 2006 GM HD


Jim, I can’t tell you how much I love the droptail. We also installed one of those cargo nets about half way back in the bed and I found a cargo “reacher” on the web that works well. The reacher is an aluminum, telescoping pole with a hook on the end so I can easily reach into the bed and retrieve whatever I need so I don’t think we are going to need to do any other modifications at all. I will send you some pictures soon. The droptail is a great product.
– Regards, Bill, Tampa (limited mobility application ’06 Silverado))

Droptail arrived. It works well. Thank you.
– Charles P.

WORKS GREAT………………………

I would like to say Thank You and it has been a great experience dealing with all of you guys and gals at JSC Engineering and and would recommend you guys to everyone I know. I can’t say enough about how pleasant and helpful you people are. Again Thank You very much and best of luck
– Christopher, NJ (2003 Ford F-150)

I think this is the best thing I have ever seen. The tailgate on my Ford pickup truck is so heavy I can barely open and close it.
– Kay, Alta Loma, CA

I got it. I got it. Thanks, James you have been very helpful and I love your product.
Hopefully, I will get many years of service. Thanks Again

– Bruce, Wildwood, GA Dodge Ram

James, It’s Alive! It works like a charm! Thank you for all your assistance. Thanks Again,
– Vince Ford F-350

– JOHN, Canada

oh daym! very nice. now my truck can be a Porsche with the wing going up and down, hahaha
– marc

Droptail is great. Thanks,
– Matt, Street Kustoms

Yes. I purchased a droptail from Droptail and it is working fine. Interesting to see people’s faces when I let the tailgate down Haven’t ever run into anyone who has to see it in operation until I show them. I am not using the automatic opening; as I have a sliding cover on the box. Thanks for a good product.
– Paul

Works great! A lot of people stop as they see tailgate moving with no one near! Best Customer service I have seen on the Internet!
– Rick F.

Hello, I think that the system and idea are awesome.
– Robert L.

Hi James & Bonnie, Just to let you know the order arrived today and I am very happy with your goods and service. Thank you.
– Ali, London, UK 2003 Harley Davidson

– JOHN, Toyota Tundra