Droptail features

Specialty Equipment Market Association award-winning design


DROPTAIL® wins prestigious SEMA award for one of the year’s best new truck products LAS VEGAS, NV (Nov. 5, 2002) —JSC Engineering, Inc. was recognized by SEMA for innovative design achievement in its newly developed product for pickups. Droptail® is an exciting microprocessor-controlled bolt-on system that automatically deploys the tailgate into a spoiler position, for best aerodynamics at drag-inducing highway speeds, to improve mileage and performance, then closes before coming to a stop. Alternately, any tailgate operation may be selectively accomplished via the RF remote control fob, including opening, closing, or locking in any position until such time as the operator unlocks and resumes automatic mode. Verifiable communication between operator and control module is accomplished through the use of a remote buzzer. Provisions are made in the digital logic to prevent unwanted automatic deployment when the bed has cargo that has been loaded through the opened gate. Tailgate theft is prevented, as an RF remote is required to open the gate and gain hardware access. Rear backup visibility, particularly desired when children are present, can be significantly improved by in-cab manual deployment of the gate. The system also enables hands-free access to the cargo bed and eliminates having to lift a heavy gate.


• Exclusive product, solving significant truck drawbacks, using the innovative, patented concept
• Utilizes OEM tailgate as a dynamic spoiler
• Automatic & RF remote manual operational modes
• Easy bolt-on installation, only 1 wire hook-up +12V, no in-cab holes or switches
• Very low profile unit tucks unobtrusively along bed rail, with hidden mounting brackets
• Retains full factory tailgate load capacity and latches
• Improves aerodynamics while maintaining the OEM stock appearance
• Microprocessor circuitry incorporates electronic safety shut-off
• Design flexibility supports upgrades for additional vehicle systems interfacing
• Key operational parameters are end-user programmable
• Audible command feedback by remote buzzer
• Compact anodized aluminum actuator
• Streamlined design allows low component part count


• Improves highway mileage, performance, and stability
• Offers convenient remote hands-free bed access
• Eliminates tailgate blind spot
• Prevents tailgate theft
• Secures against partly extended moto-sport cargo
• 5th wheel towing convenience with in-cab hook-up
• Approx. 0.2s ET and 2 mph improvement 1/4 mile (F-150 Lightning)

Droptail advantages